Seasonal Reminders – Leaves

ONLY MID-OCTOBER AND LATER- Earlier leaves must be placed in biodegradable bags.

City crews will pick up leaves if they are placed neatly in the parkway area (between the street and sidewalk). The leaves should not be placed in the street. There is no set schedule for when they will come to your neighborhood. The crews continually loop through the City. Pick up of biodegradable papers bags is still very acceptable, and highly encouraged during this time and will be picked up on the normal scheduled day.

All other yard waste must be bagged or it will not be picked up. Leaves to be picked up outside of this time period must be bagged.

Questions? Contact us at 616-866-1537. You may also stop and pick up a brochure with all the rules and regulations regarding the City’s Yard Waste Collection Program. Or click here for your own printable copy.

Yard Waste Brochure

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