Application for Zoning Permit

Dear Applicant:

Section 18.2 of the Rockford Zoning Code requires that “no building, structure or sign shall be erected, altered or moved unless a zoning permit shall have been first obtained for such work.”  Zoning permits must be obtained through the City Zoning Administrator prior to filing an application for a building permit with the City’s building office, Professional Code Inspection.

Included within the building permit application, is a one (1) page zoning permit.  Applicants must complete the zoning permit application in its entirety and forward it to the Zoning Administrator as part of the building permitting process.  The following information must be provided to the City prior to making application for a building permit.  Projects that do not require a building permit must still complete this application.

  1. Completed zoning permit application form.
  2. Completed site plan showing proposed project on the reverse side of the Zoning Application.
  3. An existing survey or other document showing existing structures and conditions.  If property is currently vacant, a survey is not necessary.

Once the permit application and sketch are completed the City will act on the application within seventy-two (72) hours.  This application will then be forwarded to the offices of Professional Code Inspection where the building permit process can be completed.

There shall be no fee associated with a zoning permit application.  Any individuals wishing to receive assistance in completing the zoning permit application are asked to contact City Hall at 616-866-1537.