Beautiful Public Parks

Rockford's Gift to You

Our beautiful parks… More than 30 acres of prime land and waterfront property for public enjoyment and recreation. Read about each Rockford park below.

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Rockford Dam Overlook


Beautifully renovated, the Rockford Dam Overlook is one of the highlights of Rockford and provides a spectacular view of the Rogue River. Ideal for picnicking and watching the fishermen, this park is a gem of downtown Rockford. There is direct access to the river. The Rockford Dam Overlook is located on Bridge Street downtown.


Peppler Park


Peppler Memorial Park is on the Rogue River west of the Rockford Dam. It has a fishing platform, picnicking, and provides for a walk across the dam. Peppler Park has a new overlook, railings, access ramp, landscaping, flowers, stairs to Bridge Street, and hosts the Rockford Area Community Endowment “Recognition Plaza”.



Rogue River Nature Trail


The Rogue River Nature Trail is a boardwalk along the Rogue River. It begins in Peppler Park, west of the Rockford Dam. The trail encompasses 4.5 acres, and the boardwalk winds a quarter mile north along the river bank, offering scenic views of wooded areas, the Rogue River, and downtown Rockford.



White Pine Trail State Park


A turn-of-the-century railroad line is now a linear Park, and an area favorite. The trail provides a direct paved link from Grand Rapids, with access to Fifth Third Park and the West River area. It runs through Rockford along the scenic Rogue River and provides wonderful opportunities for walking, bicycling and rollerblading.



Garden Club Park


Come relax in downtown Rockford. On the banks of the Rogue River, the White Pine Trail State Park winds through for bicycling and walking. Just northeast of the dam, Garden Club Park includes new leveling, picnic tables, lighting, and a concert deck. This is the scene for the popular summer music series, the “Rogue River Blues”.



Rockford Community Cabin


Next to Rum Creek in Memorial Park at at 220 N. Monroe, the Rockford Community Cabin is perfect for meetings, receptions, family reunions and company picnics. Built in 1937, the renovated cabin has a kitchen, restrooms, and capacity for 80 people. Make reservations in advance; contact City Hall for more information.

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Memorial Park


Featuring the Rum Creek Nature and Fitness Trail. Rum Creek is a pristine, cold water trout stream. View incredible wetlands and a beautiful creek. Memorial Park is home to the popular Community Cabin and one of the finest wooden playground structures in the area, Pachyderm Park, at 220 N. Monroe.



Glen Park


Glen Park is Rockford’s newest park. A boardwalk, playground and nature trail make this a great place to relax with family and friends. An array of playground equipment, picnic tables and benches in a shady wooded setting provide plenty of room and enjoyment. Glen Park is on Glen Park Drive, just west of Highland Drive.



Pickett Park


Pickett Park at 120 Gaylord has a fitness challenge climbing structure, swings, jeep riding toys, and the WUM climber! Plus picnic tables, benches, bike racks, drinking fountain, and direct access to the White Pine Trail State Park. Take the pedestrian bridge spanning the Rogue River to Richardson Sowerby Park.



Richardson-Sowerby Park and Dog Park


This is one of Rockford’s great finds! On both the east and west banks of the Rogue River. The east bank has a covered pavilion for picnicking, BBQ grills, a playground, fishing opportunities and restrooms. Across the pedestrian bridge, on the west bank, there is a fitness course and softball field and our dog park. Easily accessible from the White Pine State Trail or off Main St. behind the Rogue Valley Towers.




Rotary Jaycee Park


Rotary Jaycee park is a quaint neighborhood park. It has a fun play structure with climbing dinosaurs and swings. This park also includes a full basketball court, open field for play, paved parking lot and picnic tables with a drinking fountain. Rotary Jaycee Park is located at 127 S. Fremont Street.



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