Rockford Community FAQs

Board & Commissions

  1. How do I apply for an appointment to an advisory board?
    Appointments are made by the Mayor and affirmed by the City Council each year before the start of the fiscal year on July 1st. The first step is to fill out an application and return it to the City Clerk. Applications are kept on file for two years. Commission Application Form

Community Cabin

  1. Can I rent the Community Center for a meeting or Event?
    Yes.  You may reserve the Cabin directly at the City Offices.  You can check the Community Cabin Calendar for available dates.

Absentee Voting

  1. What is the deadline to receive an absentee ballot?
    If you want a ballot mailed to you, you must apply by 2:00 pm the Saturday prior to an election.  The day before each election, you may vote an absentee ballot in person at the office until 4:00 p.m.
  2. How is my absentee ballot counted?
    Absentee ballots remain sealed in individual envelopes in a locked room at City Hall until election day.  On election day, election workers remove the ballots from their envelopes and feed them into the tabulating machines.  Your votes are then added to the totals from precict voters.


  1. What are assessments?
    Assessed value (AV) is 50% of the “usual selling price” of a property. A mass appraisal approach is used to develop the assessment. The mass appraisal approach is a blend of the cost approach and the use of a market indicator (economic condition factor or ECF) developed by the sales in each assessment neighborhood.
  2. What is true cash value?
    The term refers to the "usual selling price" of your property.
  3. What is taxable value?
    This term refers to the value capped by Proposal A, which is multiplied by the millage rate to calculate your tax bill. It may not increase annually greater than the lesser of 5% or the inflation rate plus the value of losses and additions caused by physical changes in that property that are not present on the record card. The taxable value equals the assessment if the ownership of the property is transferred.
  4. If I put an addition on my home, how will it impact my assessment / taxable value and my taxes?
    This addition will be added at 50% of true cash value to the assessment and the taxable value. The taxable value for the original property will continue to be calculated in the capped value formula. The new value will add to your taxes. Contact the assessor and an estimated value and tax consequences can be calculated.
  5. How do I change my name or mailing address on my assessment and taxes?
    To do this, contact the Assessor’s Office to process name and mailing address changes. Name changes will require documentation. Examples of documents are: marriage license, driver’s license, Quit Claim Deeds, or death certificates.

Polling Locations

  1. How do I know which precinct I vote in?
    Call our offices, refer to the Ward-Precinct Map, or visit
  2. What Hours are the polls open?
    7:00 am until 8:00 pm.
  3. Do I vote in the same place all the time?
    Yes, you will always vote in the same location for each election until you change your home address.

Registering to Vote

  1. How can I find out if I'm registered to vote?
    Call the Clerk's Office or visit the State of Michigan website.
  2. Where do I vote?
    Call City Hall
  3. How do I change my voter registration?
    You can change your voter registration at any Michigan Secretary of State’s Office (your voting address is the same as your Driver’s License address) or visit City Hall to fill out a new registration card.


  1. How do I contact a city department?
    Visit the Staff Directory to find all department and staff contact information.
  2. Where can I find the answers to my frequently asked questions?
    Use the How Do I…? module to easily find answers to the questions you ask the most.

Mayor & City Offices

  1. How can I contact the mayor or my city officials?
    Contact information is listed for each council person. Generally, email is the best contact method so that your request is in writing and goes directly to your council person.