New Residents

The Rockford Department of Public Safety is a combined police and fire department. All full time police officers are crossed trained as fire fighters. The Department of Public Services employees are also crossed trained as fire fighters.

The Rockford Department of Public Safety is dedicated to a Community Policing Model that combines Crime Prevention with Fire and Life Safety. Crime prevention in your neighborhood starts with an open line of communication between the residents and the public safety department.

Time sensitive information for local residents is now being passed along through popular social media channels. You can sign up on Nixle to receive text and email messages or follow us on Facebook and Twitter. You can also sign up for our email subscription here. You can also become an active member in the Neighborhood Watch Program. If you are interested in becoming a member in your neighborhood watch or starting a new neighborhood watch group contact, PSO Ian Graham at (616) 866-9557 or by email at

In addition to the usual police and fire service responsibilities, the department offers many different services to the residents. Check out the Police Services and Fire Services page for a detailed description of the services.

Home Occupation Permit

New Resident Welcome Packet


Burning Ordinance

No open burning of any materials, bonfires, leaves, etc. is allowed within the City limits. Under no circumstance will a burning permit be issued. Only contained fires intended for the sole purpose of cooking are allowed within the City limits. The Department of Public Services picks up yard waste including grass clippings, leaves and small branches.

Snow Removal

Residents are required to have snow removed from city sidewalks within 24 hours from when the snow stops falling. In addition, snow removed from private property is not to be placed in the public way – streets, alleys, parking lots, driveways, or any other public areas. It is also forbidden to place snow or ice onto the property of another person without prior approval.

City crews clear the public streets after each snowfall. Heavily traveled roads are first priority.

Seasonal Parking Ban

From November 15th until April 1st of each year there is a seasonal parking ban on all public streets from 2 am until 6 am. This re-striction is in place to accommodate snow removal during the early hours of the morning. Please note, that the ban is in force for the months indicated above and is not lifted due to a lack of snowfall.