Yard waste program

The City of Rockford provides yard waste removal during Spring-Fall. To see what day your pickup is, please refer to the map below.

To find out more details on the yard waste program, please refer to the yard waste brochure.

Why wasn't my yard waste picked up?

  1. It wasn't in biodegradable bags
  2. It was heavier than 30 lbs
  3. It wasn't your scheduled day
  4. It wasn't placed out in time (before 7:00 a.m.)
  5. It was unapproved material- garbage, rocks, pet waste, lumber, concrete, etc.

Why weren't my branches chipped?

  1. They were over 6 inches in diameter
  2. They were under 4 feet long (smaller branches can be bagged like regular yard waste)
  3. It was not curbside by 7:00 a.m. Monday morning
  4. There was a root ball attached to the branch

If you're positive none of these reasons apply to you and your waste was still not picked up or chipped, contact city hall at 616-866-1537

Mid-October or later ONLY

Between mid-October and December 1st or first accumulating snowfall, residents can rake their leaves to the curb to be vacuumed up. This is the only time leaves do not need to be bagged. Other yard waste must still be bagged or it will not be picked up.

It is still highly encouraged to bag leaves as well, as this helps us move faster and more efficiently through the city.