Rockford Department of Public Safety


The Rockford Department of Public Safety is comprised of three divisions: Enforcement, Fire, and Public Services. The Enforcement Division is responsible for traditional police and fire functions and is comprised of 10 full-time and 3 part-time Public Safety Officers. The Fire Division is comprised of a Fire Marshall and paid on-call firefighters. The Public Services Division is 11 Public Services employees, cross-trained as firefighters. Across the three divisions there are 30 certified firefighters.

The Rockford Department of Public Safety is dedicated to a Community Policing Philosophy based on crime prevention through education and community partnerships. The department maintains several neighborhood watch groups, organizes block parties and six community outreach events, provides a DARE Curriculum to fifth, seventh and eighth graders in the Rockford Public School District, and offers Fire Prevention programs in conjunction with National Fire Prevention Week.

Important messages from the Public Safety Department can be found on the City of Rockford – Facebook page and can be sent directly to your email and cell phone by subscribing to Nixle. Visit the Nixle website at to subscribe to community alerts.

Kent County’s Chiefs of Police – Our Community Letter


Mission Statement


It is the mission of the Rockford Department of Public Safety to provide professional, high quality and effective police service in partnership with the community.

WE ACT to meet the daily needs of the community, to preserve peace and order, to prevent crime and its effect, and to aid traffic safety.

WE SEEK to provide a professional well-trained staff, to work as partners with other law enforcement agencies and serve as a valuable resource for the people of Rockford.

WE STRIVE to enhance the quality of life, through an active partnership with the citizens and business community in Rockford.

WE RECOGNIZE the importance of maintaining the character and charm that the City of Rockford is known for and agree to provide police services without regard to sex, race, religion, nationality.

Annual Report

2018 Department of Public Safety Annual Report