Department of Public Services/Municipal Services

Our responsibilities include maintaining the infrastructure of the City, City-owned buildings, two cemeteries, yard waste program, operating and maintaining the Rockford Dam, medical and fire response, landscape construction and maintenance, maintain City fleet and equipment, set up for City events, and maintaining City parks including the White Pine Trail through Rockford.


If you believe you have a water or sewer problem, do not hesitate to call the City offices. One of our staff will forward your information and concerns to our Public Services Department, who will arrive to assess the problem immediately. If the problem arises outside the hours of 8am-5pm, call the Rockford Public Safety Department at 616 866 9557.

Mailbox Damage from Snow Plowing Policy

Frozen Water Pipes

City of Rockford 2021 Standard Specifications

Yard Waste Program

Yard Waste Map

Restoring Water in Buildings for Reopening

Public Notice City of Rockford Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System - August 12, 2020

NPDES Permit - August 12, 2020


Street Preservation